When we, as Christians, realize everything that we have been freely given, our response is often to give to others. Mt. Zion takes this mission seriously and serves those in need in a number of meaningful ways.

Mad hatters

Mt. Zion has known the trials of cancer, and the women of the Mad Hatters take yarn and transform it into love, courtesy of the knit caps they make for patients undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments. Each year, they produce scores of caps that they distribute to any medical practice or patient who needs them. It's their way of helping fight the good fight and bringing comfort to friends and neighbors in spirit.

caring for creation

Seeking to uplift and preserve God's great gift of creation, this group works to educate and protect. Throughout the year, they send terrific tips for minimizing our impact on the environment, conserving energy, and wisely using our resources. They also pick up trash along a stretch of dedicated road monthly, and they collect batteries and other hazardous waste to keep them out of landfills.

church garden

With hunger a pressing issue in local communities, Mt. Zion maximizes the skills of its gardeners and farmers by growing a garden for the benefit of local food pantries and kitchens. Each year, a seasoned crew preps the land, sows the seeds, nurtures the plants, and reaps the reward of hundreds of pounds of fresh produce. We believe that by feeding the body, we can also nourish the soul and the spirit.



Carrying on the long tradition of needle-and-thread-work, Mt. Zion's quilters join forces to sew lovely patchworks of color and pattern, which they donate to folks in need, both locally and in communities around the world. The creature comforts of a soft, light, warm blanket are immeasurable to folks who have so little, and the handmade efforts of our group ensure that the gospel is being spread both near and far.